CGRP and Migraine Pathophysiology Resources

Find clinical data illustrating the role of CGRP in migraine pathophysiology


The CGRP Receptor: What Neurologists Need to Know

Download this resource and gain a foundational understanding of CGRP and the role of CGRP signaling in migraine

The CGRP Receptor in Migraine

Find a high-level introduction to CGRP,
CGRP-R, and the trigeminovascular system

CGRP in Migraine Pathophysiology

Listen in as Drs. Jerome Lisk and Merle Diamond discuss the role of CGRP in migraine and how approaches to targeting CGRP signaling impact our ability to treat

Deep dive

Migraine Pathophysiology Explorer

Navigate through the five phases of migraine and gain a deeper understanding of migraine pathophysiology, symptoms, and more