Diagnosis and Management Resources

Find downloadable resources intended to help improve medical
diagnosis of migraine and disease management


Considerations for Differentiating Migraine From Other Headache Disorders

Learn how to better differentiate migraine from other headache disorders in order to yield better patient outcomes

Migraine Diagnosis: ICHD-3 Criteria

Find ICHD-3 criteria to help more accurately identify and diagnose patients suffering from migraine

Migraine Diagnosis: ID Migraine™ Screening Tool

Use this brief questionnaire to help screen your patients for migraine, based on the ID Migraine™ Validation Study

Migraine Management: What Primary Care Providers Need to Know

Learn the key differences between acute and preventive migraine treatment options, and what to consider when making treatment decisions

Considerations for Managing Migraine Throughout the Patient Journey

Download this guide to gain a deeper understanding of the patient migraine experience, and learn how to better help your patients manage their condition

Deep dive

The American Headache Society Position Statement on Integrating Recent Migraine Treatments Into Clinical Practice

Visit the Headache Journal website to see the AHS Consensus Statement with updated guidance on the use of preventive and acute treatments for migraine in adults