Pharmacovigilance Resources

Use these resources to deepen your understanding of pharmacovigilance and the role it plays in improving the quality of patient care


Pharmacovigilance: How Adverse Events Are Detected, Assessed, and Understood Throughout a Product's Life Cycle

Download this resource to learn more about the process of adverse event detection in clinical trial and real-world settings

Cumulative Incidence and Exposure-Adjusted Incidence Rate

Learn the key differences between cumulative incidence and exposure-adjusted incidence rates, and see how each is derived

Deep dive

Pharmacovigilance Interactive Module

Use this interactive guide to learn how adverse events are detected, assessed, and understood in both clinical trials and real-world settings

What Healthcare Providers Need to Know: Adverse Event Detection & Reporting

Watch this video to learn more about adverse event detection and reporting

Patient Safety Considerations in Clinical Practice

Watch this video to see the history of pharmacovigilance in the US and better understand key patient safety considerations in the clinical setting